VISTA Climate Ready Corps

Posted on October 15, 2020Comments Off on VISTA Climate Ready Corps

As climate change exacerbates weather patterns and extreme weather events, it is important to equip those who do not have the resources to recoverand thrive as a resultofeven relatively “minor” disasters and impacts, particularlyvulnerablelow-income and ALICE communities. At present, no coordinatedstatewideeffort exists toidentify andaddress the impacts of climate change andrelated policies on vulnerable populations and communities. The Commissionis eagerto begin addressing this issue through its VISTA Climate Ready Corps. 

Through a grant from the Corporation of  National and  Community  Service (CNCS), six AmeriCorps VISTA members have joined four key state offices for a period of three years to address climate readiness and equity issuesstatewide that will helpour most vulnerable communities thriveand be resilient in the face of climate change induced events and impacts. The program will integrate the climate change work of these four offices through data collection, outreach,education, andinformation dissemination.

Though recruitment has ended, be sure to learn more about the HI Vista Program!