Koloa Iki

Koloa Iki by Solomon Enos
Koloa Iki © 2020 Solomon Enos

Welcome to our coloring pages1!

Koloa Iki is looking for a few new friends! Add some color and bring life to your very own Koloa Iki and tag #koloaiki on social media! Our Koloa Iki sports warm and earthy tones, a purple beak and an inquisitive eye. What about yours?

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Did You Know? The endangered Koloa Maoli — or Hawaiian Duck (Anas wyvilliana) — is one of three Hawaiian waterfowl species. It is the most dependent on wetlands from low to high elevations for its survival. The Koloa Maoli is rarely seen in brackish or saline wetland areas. The Koloa Maoli uses the wetlands for cover from predators and is an opportunistic forager feeding mainly on algae, submerged plants or grasses and other vegetation. Koloa Maoli nests are also found along the edges of wetland areas or in upland areas.

Koloa Iki Coloring Page
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