superhero sea wall girl
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Superhero: Sea Wall Girl

Welcome Sea Wall Girl! Let’s learn more about her1 and what she is doing about sea level rise.

Super Power:

Breaks sea walls where they are not good for beaches


Sea Wall Girl is a superhero who breaks down seawalls with her own hands. Why does she do that (hint: read about what seawalls do to our beaches)? Who is she? What does she do in her “real life” when she isn’t breaking down seawalls? Is she friends with Koloa Iki? How do they work together?

Challenge #1: Superhero in Action

Write a very short story about Sea Wall Girl and tell us who she is. If your story contains seawall and climate change information that can be found through the Koloa Iki website, we’ll post it on our IG/FB accounts! Tag #koloaiki

Challenge #2: Outfitting a Superhero

Use this coloring sheet to create a paper doll of Sea Wall Girl and her starter outfit. DM us on Instagram (@HI_Climate) and tell us what other accessories/outfits she should have. If your ideas highlight the issues of sea level rise and climate change, our artist just may ‘tailor’ these for you!


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