February 2, 2021

Video Credit: Wetlands and Climate Change, Department of Land and Natural Resources

The Koloa Maoli, through its wetland habitat that absorbs carbon, and provides resilience to storm surges, also behaves as an indicator of salt water intrusion. The state’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission and its partners created a Hawaiʻi-relevant mascot, Koloa iki, to inform about sea level rise impacts, and where we can expect to see flooding—on the coasts, and inland; not just on rainy days, but even on sunny days. Koloa shows us where we need to take action to make Hawaiʻi Climate Ready. Click here to learn more!



Koloa Iki © 2020 Solomon Enos
Koloa Iki © 2020 Solomon Enos

This multi-partner effort1 brings you an information portal that makes learning about sea level rise and climate change so much fun—through Koloa Iki.

The Koloa Maoli is a cousin of the mallard. Koloa Iki (“iki” is the diminutive) tells us about sea level rise impacts, and where we can expect to see flooding – on the coasts, and inland; not just on rainy days, but even on sunny days. Developed by beloved Hawai‘i artist Solomon Enos, who graciously partnered with the State’s Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission and the City and County’s Board of Water Supply, to bring attention to the impacts of climate change in Hawai‘i, Koloa Iki highlights locations that are vulnerable, as depicted by the state’s viewer tool. The State’s sea level rise report and viewer tool were approved by the Commission, and bring attention to coastal erosion, flooding, and drainage failure. Koloa Iki brings you her own song, games and more to tell you about sea level rise in Hawai‘i.

We invite you to spend time with Koloa Iki and learn more about Hawaii’s efforts to address the global climate crisis, including sea level rise. Click on the icons below to find out more!



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Posted: 04 Nov 2020